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Gravitonia the Game

Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 || Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD X2 64 2.0 Ghz || Memory: 2 GB RAM || Graphics: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with Shader Model 2.0 or better (Nvidia 6200 or greater / AMD/ATI x1300 or greater / Intel HD 2000 or greater) || DirectX®: 9.0c || .NET 4.5 || Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space || Sound: DirectX 9.0 Compliant || Additional: Internet connection.

It's an alpha alright, what does that mean?

It means it's still an unfinished product with bugs, bugs, bugs and all kind of other nastiness like snakes and spiders. Your poor computer will undoubtedly be in full flamethrower mode fending off the best he can. But this is not about your poor computer fighting a desperate battle, this is about a two span, a unity between you and your computer, fighting off the forces of evil! Just like the Lightsaber can't do it without Luke Skywalker, neither can your computer do it without you! Together you must bravely face the enemy for a chance of that sweet, sweet victory!

Key elements:

  • General:
    1. Crafting with scalable blocks
      Crafting with 100% position and rotation freedom
      Each block has individual health
      Physics Sandbox
      Attach weapons and propulsion
      Control everything seamlessly
      Upgrade to purchased game during play
      Singleplayer campaign
      Automatic updating system
      Trade custom creations online

  • Multiplayer: (coming)
    1. PvP with own or purchased creations
      Team vs Team
      Class system
      Matchmaking system that guarantees a fair fight

About the Game

Gravitonia - A blended genre game like no other game out there.

Do you enjoy playing a action game from time to time? Maybe strategy is more your taste? How about crafting? What about the ability to create the next killer machine piece by piece, equip it with waste laying guns, stick rockets to it and make it all fly? Sounds cool doesn't it? What do you say when you get the ability to control all this gear seamlessly with your avatar, reequip, rebuild, reshape in the midst of battle? Damn, now that's something! What do you think about taking your Unique designs online and blow your friends inferior designs to smithereens?! OMFG, now we're talking. Meet Gravitonia, a blended genre game nothing quite like any other game out there.
This game has been in development for more than 4 years with unprecedented passion. Get the game now and help mold this already awesome game into a bug-free masterpiece!

Credits system

Credits are used in the player driven economy. Players have the ability to earn credits by selling the right to let others use their creations. As an option, a player can choose to buy Credits with real money.

Using Credits:
  • Credits are used to buy creations put out on the marketplace by other players.
  • A purchased creation will become part of your personal repository and can be used while playing online and offline.

Spending Credits: Buy a creation from the marketplace:
  • Credits cost = Fixed price based on creation composition.

Earning Credits: Selling a creation using the marketplace:
  • Credits earned = Fixed price based on creation composition.

Game Prologue

Back on Earth things are looking grim. The latest war sent humanity into a plunge and Anarchy became the leading form of government. A mega corporation, United Earth, have risen to become the leading world power. They control everything and maintain their position at the top using the most ruthless methods known. Every oppression gets quenched with the utmost efficiency. A worthy life is only available to those few who are embraced by the company.

Oil is still the only real viable energy resource, and the company keep all known remaining resources under its control. The demand for energy remains high to keep the company employees engulfed in luxury, ensuring their loyalty and their blind eye facing the outside world. With dwindling resources, the primary task for the company is to secure more energy.

As fate would have it, a planet roughly half the size of the moon has been discovered orbiting the outskirts of our solar system. Why this planet hasn't been discovered earlier remains a mystery. An explorer probe sent to investigate returned information that it contained an atmosphere and a large body of water with only smaller land areas scattered around. But the most shocking discovery was the presence of large amounts of oil contained in inland lakes. Some theorists claim this is caused by a combination of low gravity and the soil composition in this place. Analysis of the atmosphere showed it to be highly toxic and have corrosive properties; Not a very pleasant place for humans.

United Earth quickly assembled an expedition to claim property of this planet and set up a rather hostile welcome party in case a rebel faction on earth somehow managed to scramble together a visiting expedition. Advances in artificial intelligence to the point of having self aware entities, provided the ability to have fully autonomous expeditions.

A small but determined rebel faction, Free Earth, saw their window of opportunity. In a secret underwater facility hidden beneath the decaying wreck of Titanic they have been developing an artificial intelligence so advanced it can stand toe to toe with the human intellect. Equipped in a shell of a battle robot scrambled together from various parts, it was launched into space with destination Gravitonia. A name given after the discovery of a stable Graviton field in the very center of the planet. Coming along on the journey was some experimental tools theorized to take advantage of this Graviton field to manipulate the fabric of the Atom itself.

Joint the fight against oppression. Get the game now and start churning out awesome battle machines!



(Very old video and not fully representative of the game today)

Gravitonia AS


Gravitonia AS was founded in May 2012. The company has established itself in the market for interactive entertainment and is currently working on it's first title.


John Mæland, Founder and CEO

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Vågakleivo 24B
5412 STORD

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Happy New Year!

01 Jan 2014

I'd like to give a huge thanks to the initial players for helping out with getting rid of several critical errors. Since release, 7 updates has been issued as well as updates to the server. The stability of the game client and the server now seems good, with players clocking many, many hours of gameplay. The time for woldwide exposure is soon upon us. This is boding well for a fantastic Year 2014.

It's released!

20 Dec 2013

Gravitonia has been released as an Alpha. Download the game here

IGF 2014

25 Oct 2013

Gravitonia has been submitted to the main competition for IGF 2014.
Check out the submission here

New webpage layout

09 May 2013

The webpage has been renewed with an entirely new look and feel.